Mood Paint Colours Beige

Mood Paint Colours Beige


Semi-permanent direct colour to create intense, vivid colouring. Available in 9 shades. Ensures glossy long-lasting highlights or soft pastel colour. Do not apply to scalp or use to cover white hair.


Anyone who wants a direct long-lasting color. Product also indicated for home use.
5 g per single lock of hair corresponds to approximately 20 applications per 100 ml of product.

Wear gloves. Apply on washed, towel-dried hair and leave for maximum 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly without shampoo, apply a conditioner, rinse and style. Use on a bleached or very light hair to obtain intense results.

Create delicate hues or pastel colors: mix with Neutral (up to 80% of total mixture). Create a color conditioning treatment add Paint Color to Color Protect Conditioner in the same proportions as indicated with Neutral.

Can also be used to enhance or boost an oxidation dye (max 10% of total mixture).

Direct-action pigments: they are distributed over the hair, coloring it;
Cationic conditioner: allows for the better distribution of the pigments for long-lasting color.